You had me at track one…

You had me at track one…

Dang, Canada.  You got some craazy talent.  

Of your musical exports in the past decade, the band Stars remains solidly in first position for me.  Music, understandably, is considered a subjective matter depending on the genre leanings of the listener.  Yet, since I first discovered the album “Heart” in a dingy, labyrinthine music store some seven years ago, Stars has never failed to woo me with crystal clear vocals, enlightened lyrics and organic, upbeat tunes.

I say all of this to give a nod to the band which has, without fail, been an accomplice to my writing over time, inspiring many a thought and providing timely encouragement during the occasional writer’s “mind blank”.

Many writers prefer to write in silence.  For me, music and writing go hand-in-hand.  I couldn’t have done without the company along the way. So, here’s looking at you, Stars.


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