I wrote this poem when I was relatively new to writing.  I still don’t consider myself any great shakes with poetry but I enjoy looking back and seeing my baby steps of progress.  I’m even happier to realize that I feel the same enthusiasm for words that I always did.  I held the typewriter on my knee and typed this poem in the passenger seat on the way home.  We couldn’t wait to begin 🙂



Hei Ho Silverette

My literary steed

Let’s fascinate them, fibrillate them

With a click clack ribbon read

I know that you’ve been put to pasture

You and all your breed

For the greener grass of technology

And so long as it’s at speed

They call it progress

But they fail to notice

You have stories of your own to tell

And even as I wonder now

Some history seems to linger

If only you had a little paper

If only you had fingers

Then you’d put your keys to use

Story-teller over alphabet, rushing

Tell us of Miss So-and-So

Her paid fingers tapping

Some frustrated poet, wiping his brow

And how you came to sit

On an auction store shelf

Not even able, now, to talk to yourself

And from the shelf you saw them

Short, fat, skinny and tall

Browsing, shrugging, wallet hugging

Still not needing you at all

Then I hobbled in one day

You hailed from across the store

You hailed, canary loud

I didn’t need to look any further

Now I hope I do you proud.


Insert attention grabbing title here

If I believed everything that television tells me, I’d believe that you have to be something extraordinary to be considered worthy of attention nowadays. I am not, however, a desperate housewife or a hoarder, an imagination-defying magician, a Top model, a housebound 400 pounder, or a Kardashian. Thankfully.

I’m a five foot-one little goer, actually. Born and bred in NZ. I love to write. No, scratch that. I live to write. I especially enjoy the organic process of life planting tiny idea seeds in your head (yep, including when you’re sleeping) and finding these ideas finally come to daylight with a voice of their own.

However, I’m currently in the middle-land of the writing zone. Having just published my first literary fiction novel, ‘The Other Side’ online, I’m happy to be able to share it and I have several other ideas germinating. But, nothing ready to pick, as yet. Will have to sleep on it a little more.

I’ve only recently become someone who actually enjoys using social media. I’ve always been a pretty old fashioned girl at heart even though I’m only 32. There isn’t enough place for the past, now. Many people seem to believe that old is useless; and I, for one, believe in a hearty mix of both old and new fashioned ways of living. For example, I love to chomp out poems on my canary yellow typewriter, but I couldn’t live without my USB device.

Last night I dreamed that there was some new media application whereby people could make up their own ending for whatever book they were reading. So, if they didn’t like the pre-existing ending, they sent their request directly to the author for a nominal fee – and so could own a personalized copy with their very own Happily Ever After (if that was what they chose, of course…!)

Anyway, sounded like fun to me 🙂