NZ Summers…

Once the ciccadas begin their crisp-winged chirp in November, you know you’re in for a good summer season in Kiwi land. ¬†Break out the beers and barbecues, short shorts and mozzie repellent; go camping in a tiny tent and temporarily dislike who you’re camping with because of the cramped conditions, dig for pipis, get drunk and make silly promises, learn to swim or swim ’til your digits turn to prunes…

Here’s my nod to poetry. It’s not entirely my ‘thing’ but I do find my thoughts at least sound a little prettier, as do most people who write poetry. And they say writing is purely masturbatory unless it is shared, so here we go for the plunge. (Water-wings optional).

Warm thoughts

It’s possible to feel more possible

In summer

Decisions are easier to make

When it’s summer

Ice cubes and lawn mowers

Sand pressed into pink buckets

And wardrobe do-overs

Now it’s all about temperature

Your body being free of heavy things

Having and holding browner skin

The wind pushes, white wine cool,

In the spaces between your veins;

You can watch things grow

Into what you planned

And wonder if, when you look inside

Your heart has expanded too

The world is a brighter shade of hope

And it will fit you in

In summer.

5 random things U might want to know about kiwis (New Zealanders)

1. We don’t like being likened to Australians, in accent or culture or… anything at all, ever.

2. Thanks to a general idolization of anything Hollywood, many Kiwis (especially the younger gens coming up) know more about other cultures than our own.

3. Our culture is one where you never boast about yourself. The ultimate expression of appreciation when asked for a comment on something YOU have done will likely be, “Oh, that’s pretty cool, eh?” – which is equivalent in any other Western society to “Oh my God! That is SO awesome!”

4. If you’ve ever watched our TV drama ‘Shortland Street’, just… please don’t think that it’s the pinnacle of our nation’s ability to write/produce/act. Some of us are mighty embarrassed by it.

5. ¬†When we say ‘go out on the piss’ or ‘piss shop’ or ‘a bottle of piss’ we mean alcohol.