Gold Dust Woman

Gold Dust Woman

I belong to the local pottery club. I’m not the most clever person there by any stretch of the imagination, but I do love creating things unique to my own mind. Pottery is beautifully self-indulgent, in that way, and just great therapy in general. This is my (weak) interpretation of the silhouette created by the wondrous Ms Stevie Nicks in one of her mystique-come-op-shop stage costumes… yet to be refined and painted. πŸ™‚



    • Thanks so much, Melinda! I’m painting the statue this week. The first one actually broke and I re-made her, so I hope this “edition” of the gold dust woman still looks good when it’s done! I will post a pic this week

    • Thank you Teresa! Pottery is great, you quickly discover you’re able to accomplish better pieces than you ever thought you could! I work with some truly artistic and helpful potters, too, who give generously of their time to help me improve. I recommend pottery as a creative outlet πŸ™‚

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