5 random things U might want to know about kiwis (New Zealanders)

1. We don’t like being likened to Australians, in accent or culture or… anything at all, ever.

2. Thanks to a general idolization of anything Hollywood, many Kiwis (especially the younger gens coming up) know more about other cultures than our own.

3. Our culture is one where you never boast about yourself. The ultimate expression of appreciation when asked for a comment on something YOU have done will likely be, “Oh, that’s pretty cool, eh?” – which is equivalent in any other Western society to “Oh my God! That is SO awesome!”

4. If you’ve ever watched our TV drama ‘Shortland Street’, just… please don’t think that it’s the pinnacle of our nation’s ability to write/produce/act. Some of us are mighty embarrassed by it.

5.  When we say ‘go out on the piss’ or ‘piss shop’ or ‘a bottle of piss’ we mean alcohol.


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