Insert attention grabbing title here

If I believed everything that television tells me, I’d believe that you have to be something extraordinary to be considered worthy of attention nowadays. I am not, however, a desperate housewife or a hoarder, an imagination-defying magician, a Top model, a housebound 400 pounder, or a Kardashian. Thankfully.

I’m a five foot-one little goer, actually. Born and bred in NZ. I love to write. No, scratch that. I live to write. I especially enjoy the organic process of life planting tiny idea seeds in your head (yep, including when you’re sleeping) and finding these ideas finally come to daylight with a voice of their own.

However, I’m currently in the middle-land of the writing zone. Having just published my first literary fiction novel, ‘The Other Side’ online, I’m happy to be able to share it and I have several other ideas germinating. But, nothing ready to pick, as yet. Will have to sleep on it a little more.

I’ve only recently become someone who actually enjoys using social media. I’ve always been a pretty old fashioned girl at heart even though I’m only 32. There isn’t enough place for the past, now. Many people seem to believe that old is useless; and I, for one, believe in a hearty mix of both old and new fashioned ways of living. For example, I love to chomp out poems on my canary yellow typewriter, but I couldn’t live without my USB device.

Last night I dreamed that there was some new media application whereby people could make up their own ending for whatever book they were reading. So, if they didn’t like the pre-existing ending, they sent their request directly to the author for a nominal fee – and so could own a personalized copy with their very own Happily Ever After (if that was what they chose, of course…!)

Anyway, sounded like fun to me 🙂


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